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Who are smashing dream team?

We’re an independent, full service design agency and we’re about considered creativity, passionate delivery.

And we work on 3 principles to make sure we deliver.

We listen. Effective communication begins with understanding, so it’s important that both of us know what your brand’s about, what challenges you’re up against, and what success looks like to you.

We get excited about the possibilities. By stripping back unnecessary barriers, we’ve created an environment that supports boundless creativity and a personal service that feeds strong relationships between us and our clients; plus it means that you work directly with the designer who looks after your brand, who’ll get as excited about its progress as you are. And we don’t let egos get in the way either; we’re about distilling big ideas into targeted, unique communication strategies that above all else fit your agenda and engage your audience.

We make things happen; we don’t procrastinate.

Commas, not full stops... Brands aren’t static - they’re continuous works in progress. Over the years, sticking to the 3 principles above has allowed us to build trusted relationships with our clients, which have flourished and strengthened, just as their brands have done.

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Smashing Eggs Design
6 Larchmont
Newry, BT35 6TX

T - +44 [0] 2895 81 81 81

E - hi@smashingeggs.com

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